About Us


Our Business: Providing clarity. We are a progressive market research provider for customer-oriented and market-focused clients who value timely, objective insights for strategic decision-making.

Our Passion: Seeing the truth through research. By truth, we mean peoples’ experiences, perceptions, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, ideas, needs and preferences.

Our Value Proposition: Delivering, timely, accurate and reliable customer information that helps leaders make the right decisions, which produce the desired results.

Our People: MTP professionals are specialists in research and are experienced in helping management identify and resolve issues that are critical to the success of a venture.

The firm built and has maintained relationships with a network of consultants with expertise in areas such as computer software for collecting and analyzing market research data; data repository implementation and management; and the development and implementation of marketing and strategic plans.

We realize that the success of a project largely rests with the ability of the project team to effectively communicate with the client. Our commitment to open and frequent communication, coupled with extensive hands-on management, ensures an effective engagement.

Our Perspective: MTP specializes in conducting research from a slightly different perspective. Although we design and implement surveys, as well as gather and process data, we really focus on interpreting what the data says. MTP works closely with clients to help develop proper courses of action; actions that are consistent with the research findings and the client's business goals. MTP takes a very proactive approach to helping clients attain their goals.  We try to learn as much as possible about each client's business, economic environment and competitive situation, always on a completely confidential basis. The more we are able to learn about each client's circumstances, the better we can train our focus group facilitators and field interviewers to be on the lookout for those often overlooked nuggets which can make a large difference in the insight we seek through our research.