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Data Collection

Executive-Level Interviewing
One-on-one interviews for in-depth, more qualitative-type of interviews. Conducted by senior-level interviewers. Respondent is usually decision-maker in a high level position.

Focus Groups
An informal group discussion, among eight to ten participants, led by a moderator that focuses on a topic.

In-Person Interviewing (CAPI)
One-on-one interviews conducted with the use of a computer.

Intercept Interviewing
Respondents are intercepted at a given location and surveys are administered face-to-face.

Mail Surveys
Surveys are mailed to respondents and are self-administered.

Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
Surveys are conducted over the telephone with the use of a computer.

Web-based Surveys
Surveys are self-administered over the Internet. Respondents can log on 24/7 within the prescribed survey timeframe to answer the survey.

Study Types, Data Analysis

Descriptive Analysis
(Simple cross-tabulations)

Conjoint Analysis
(Trade-off analyses)

Perceptual Mapping
(Competitive analysis)

Cluster and Discriminant Analysis
(Identifying market segments)

CHAID Analysis
(Profiling market segments)